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Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra Openings
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my weakness is AUs when your OTP has kids, a stable job, and lives in a suburban middle class home.



Be careful who you tell these opinions to. Large, loud parts of tumblr and several large lobbying groups would disagree.

Damn, that moment when South Park makes more sense than the justice system.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: All About That Bass — Avi Kaplan, Mario Jose and Naomi Samilton 


And then all of a sudden that feeling hits you that you’re waaay behind where you should be art skill-wise and you don’t even know where to start improving because you feel so behind so you just kinda sit there like


I bet they’re releasing season 4 of Korra so that they can end it around the 10th anniversary of the debut of A:TLA

Just a hunch.

February of 2005 to February of 2015? 10 years.

Even if there aren’t enough episodes to make it to February.


dragon age: inquisition — character creation, x

Anonymous asked: another anatomy question: for Elli if/when he becomes Charizard do the wings suddenly sprout from his back or does it gradually grow



Neither. Random wings just sprouting from the back would hurt a lot, don’t you think?

The wings are manifested when high levels of aggression or adrenalin enter the system, and they appear, similar to the way ghost types can phase parts of their being out of existence. They seem to be attached to the gijinka physically, but are not, so no clothes are ripped or destroyed (unless the first time they are manifested it is a particularly violent reaction, like in some fire types). Certain species have different ways of manifestation, but for Charizard in particular, it usually is started with a burst or explosion of flame from the gijinka’s back, which seems to give birth to manifested wings. Gijinkas that have had wings for a long time can manifest them on command, and do not require aggressive response.

Wings can also be a form of social status. The broader and more intimidating the wings are, it’s considered a symbol of power or leadership. If the pair or wings are light and made for gliding like a gull, it’s a symbol of long life and a “relaxed” nature.